The Tamanu also called ‘ati tree is considered and respected since time immemorial by the Polynesians. It is present in the vicinity of all the ancient religious sites and in most myths and legends of Worship Ma’ohi. It was a tree tapu, Ie prohibits any use profane. The wood became restricted to making ti’i / tiki, Objects of worship and ritual canoes. It was also used in the preparation of rā’au tahiti, Traditional medicines.

Calophillum inophyllumest has a regal bearing. It can measure twenty meters in height and canopy may reach thirty meters in diameter. The leaves are elliptical, are deep green, five to eight inches long, smooth and shiny. Its clusters of white flowers exude a sweet fragrance.

It grows on sandy soil near the sea but also on the slopes of mountains. Its fruits are a number in the form of small spheres are between 3 to 4 cm in diameter. At maturity, the small round seeds dry out, harden and are sometimes used by fans sometimes jack alley islands.

It is inside of the nut that is the kernel of the countless blessings and virtues.

The oil extracted from the nuts Tamanu is a mixture of fatty and aromatic compounds with multiple properties.

It has an anti-infective and healing. It regenerates the cells of the epidermis.

Used in massage, mixed with mythical mōno’i tahitiIt soothes joint pain and rheumatism, muscle pain.

Its most common use and most amazing is its effectiveness in the treatment of burns. She has a wonderful power protector for small veins and capillaries and enhances the disappearance of rosacea and scars. This is why many tattoo artists to advise their clients.

Now she goes around the earth. Oil Tamanu is the main raw material of many pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

It incorporates the protective compositions, regenerative and preventive aging. The greatest designers of cosmetic lines make it a special place in their elixirs of beauty, their creams anti-aging, hair care and their skin. It provides in spas, calm energizing come to seek all his followers. Oil Tamanu is received with gratitude by men, because it is a unique balm to soothe the razor.

Tamanu is the gift that Polynesia is silent to the modern world, to ease the pain and improve daily life.


~ by crr1962 on November 5, 2011.

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