Maupiti Tahiti

A small Island on the western tip of the Society Island group, with a main island in the middle and a atoll on the outside with a small passage way into the lagoon on the south side.



The ticket for travel was 50usd and covered round trip fare, 2 hour one way.



A very comforting ship for travel….air-conditioning and nice flight deck where Sam an I set up our music and enjoyed the voyage.




                         Just as we arrive to the passage I noticed a pack of sperm whales.




                   Some Dolphins have taken a liking to running along side of our boat.


A very narrow passage to enter into the Lagoon, many seamen pass on this island as it’s too dangerous to navigate.



                                  There are waves here at the passage as you can see.



Once you get through the pass the channel opens up and the current becomes manageable.


             Beautiful lagoon and Island…..much like a small Bora Bora of Gambier Island


                                       Arrival at the dock, our way of transport awaits!


The sign at the dock……where everyone boat or plane arrives and departs from.



                                 Fangipanties or Plumeria’s are all along the road side.


                                                     The lagoon here is very nice


                    Sam just enjoying the environment and Tahitian Style way.

Many of the building are painted with fish as this is they’re way of living way out here fish is the staple food.


                                  Maupiti is really just one island of Tiare…they’re everywhere!



                      Nothing like some fine music and cuisine with friends on voyage.


~ by crr1962 on October 30, 2011.

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