Mana or ORMUS

The term ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element) was chosen by David Radius Hudson to describe the materials he discovered over a period of about 20 years, spending a total of about $8.8 million USD before ending his investigations into what is now believed to be a previously unrecognized form of matter.

1. ORMUS is found naturally-occurring in plant and animal foods.
2. ORMUS is produced and/or isolated by activities of beneficial microbes, particularly PNSB (Primal Defense and Nature’s Biotics) and EM (Effective Microorganisms) microbial consortia.
3. ORMUS is produced by exposure of water and other liquids to various types of subtle energy field effects. It is in this realm that my interest in the use of ORMUS-like forms of elements as nutritional supplements and my interest in devices which treat water via passive exposure to various electric, magnetic, electromagnetic or subtle-energy (aka “non-classical” or “non-Hertzian”) fields have intersected.
4. The ORMUS-like subtle energy applies some forms and geometries of magnetic fields upon water.
5. There are ORMUS-like effects that some pyramids, cones, and flat or conical spirals of wire/metallic tubing have on people and water.
6. ORMUS-like subtle energy effects produced by exposing water or other liquids to certain types of gemstones, rock, minerals and trace elements (can be achieved).
7. There are ORMUS-like subtle energy effects exhibited by some technologies, (many of them high-voltage technologies, which direct a spark, corona or plasma discharge through water or people).
8. There are ORMUS-like subtle energy effects of various 10th+ generation cold fusion electrochemical cells, particularly those employing tungsten/titanium electrodes and KCL and lithium salts in the electrolyte.
9. There are ORMUS-like subtle energy effects of various inter-related technologies that have since the late 1930s been called “orgone” devices.
10. There are powerful subtle energy properties of potent liquid nutritional products developed by Dr. George Merkl known variously throughout the years under various names include: Mana. Chondriana, Life Crystals, Sumerian Elixir, Vida Source and others. These products were produced by microbial fermentation in a glass container exposed to direct sunlight called a Solar Reactor.

After the initial years of painstaking research, David Hudson was advised to patent his proprietary processes so that no one else could prevent him from continuing his research into this previously unrecognized form of matter.

It should be noted that world wide patents were granted and USA patents were confiscated in the interest of national security. Each year approximately 6000 patents are confiscated in the interest of national security from people and companies within the United States whom apply for patents. It’s a sad fact that big business controls even the patent office and so many innovations are prevented from reaching the public in this way.
Strong magnetic fields can and do affect materials and or humans. It is for these that the name ORMUS has been coined. Some of the highly controversial ideas about what they are, and about their extraordinary chemistry and physics, are outlined below.

But first, the practical import of the discovery consists in the beneficial effect of these elements on plant and animal life. As detailed below, the effect of supplementing these elements on the growth of plant crops is no less than phenomenal. Remarkable benefits to human and animal health have also been obtained.

The story of the discovery begins in the late 1970s with a rich cotton farmer in Arizona named David Hudson. Because the volcanic soil in that region had unusual properties, and the underlying rock was known to contain precious metals, he decided to have a complete elemental quantitative analysis done on it.

His analysts were then puzzled to find a fraction which defied analysis: it had no metallic characteristics, no chemical reactions and no spectroscopic signature. Eventually one spectroscopist suggested giving it a “longer burn”. It was only then that spectral characteristics began to appear and, most surprisingly, they were suggestive of certain precious metals.

The basic fact seems now beyond doubt, both from Hudson’s work and that of the independent group, that a number of precious (and some not so precious) metals, including rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, palladium, copper and several others, can exist in a completely different state, in which they are not metallic being grey or white powders when isolated in the solid state.

Hudson made three other main claims, which could be more arguable. He said that, in the ORMUS form of these elements, the electrons are re-arranged in such a way that they no longer participate in chemical reactions. Likewise, the bonds which normally hold metal atoms together in the solid form are lacking, so that they would be effectively monatomic.

Hudson performed analyses on a wide variety of materials and reported finding ORMUS elements in most of the samples of soil he tested, but especially soils from volcanic regions. Other researchers later found them to be present in most samples of natural waters tested, with particularly high concentrations being present in the sea and especially the Dead Sea. One researcher has even found it in the air. (Here it is perhaps not too surprising that even a heavy element in the monatomic form could behave like a rare gas.)

Hudson’s chemists made analyses of a number of plant tissues and found ORMUS to be highest in plants, especially aloe vera, which are grown in volcanic soils. They also analyzed calf and pig brain tissue and obtained a remarkable five per cent of the dry-matter content. These analyses are not easy, since they require conversion of the ORMUS content back into the metal form. For analytical purposes, this occurs during the “long-burn” spectroscopic procedure used by Hudson.

Independent researchers have confirmed the soundless flash of light, and there is one claim to have confirmed the weight changes. Several of them have observed another strange phenomenon: drops of liquid, containing concentrated ORMUS, forming on the outside of closed containers especially under the influence of magnetic fields. This has led them to suppose that ORMUS atoms can pass through the walls by quantum tunneling, and carry a little water with them.


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