DEEP SEA FISHING – Bora Bora Style

The beginning of one of the most amazing fishing trips ever!  Let me just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The seas were solid 10 foot and white capping. The crew, I was to find out were a bunch of gun slinging cowboys. The captain, Sam’s Uncle, Captain Arto is a cowboy riding a bull, he took the boat in and out of some of the most amazing situation I’d ever witnessed.  Realize this, this boat goes from zero to 55 knot in he snap of a finger,it sounds like a F1 engine, it also turns on a dime.  The boat slices through chop with ease, and to top it off the captian pushes the boat to the limit all day long 10 hours.  OK I’m going to try and do the best job as possible to describe this day of deep sea fishing off Bora Bora.

                                                               Big ass Shimano Reel

                                                                  Big Monster Tuna Streamers

One deadly Harpoon for chasing down and harpooning Tuna and Mahi Mahi…the driver of the boat Captain Arto steers and chases down the fish and throws this 8 foot harpoon at a fish running at 30-50 mph….these fish turn on a dime too….call it what you like these fishermen are cowboys on a bucking bronco!  It needs to be seen to be believed but I saw it in heavy seas and there is no stopping these cowboys.  Their fearless!  If your a fish, they will eventually get you!

The seas were so rough it was impossible to take pictures as I was being thrown around on the deck and had to be aware of the next wave that was about to smash in to the boat.

The captain would be eyeballing the sky and running the boat after the birds in gnarly seas….and these birds follow the fish and they move fast.  Very dangerous.

Sam and Tehote just wippin the tuna into the boat around 2 dozen an hour. We just kept chasing down the fish for the better part of 4 hours tell finally we could hardly see Bora Bora on the horizon, and were almost to the island of Tahaa.  We saw no other boats all day so if we broke down we were screwed.

                Notice the birds are feeding on the top of a wave……these sea were heavy!

Fresh Skip Jack Tuna….needless to say for lunch it was Tuna Foie gras French for “fat liver” and from these Tuna it was nectar!

Sam one of the true great men of our times.  Diving, fishing, cuisine or just joker….he’s a blast to be around.

Ok, the boat…..skippers quarters are behind that pole for steering where he stands all day, on the tip of the boat the compass and between them there’s a box with the few gauges and item the Captain Arto will need throughout the day!  He pisses into a funnel with a hose out to sea.  These boats are made in Tahiti exclusively! The Captain Arto informed me he can land a 700lbs Marlin in 12 minutes. Says he runs with the fish for 5 to 10 minutes turns the fish around and drags the fish with the engine and drowns the Marlin!

                                                   “The Tahitian Tuna Cowboys” Arto and Sam


~ by crr1962 on October 26, 2011.

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