A day with Rohivai Tours of Bora Bora

            Robert of Rohivai Tours, Sam’s cousin.  Robert’s dad is Sam’s dads brother.

We first started our day by picking up clients from some of the most expensive hotel in the world.  Intercontinental, Four Seasons and St Regis to name just a few.

                                    Intercontinental  this Suite runs $18,000usd a day!

                                                  St. Regis at $25,000usd a day.

                                     Four Seasons Suite @ $32,000.00usd a day.                    Views from your doorstep dock at your Five Star Hotel you pay big time!!

Robert hangin out with his friends, you should see these stingrays bangin up against Robert.  They are clearly in the understanding that he’s a friend.

                                                           Dozens of Stingrays

Notice the green undersides on the wings of the birds from the water color of the lagoon.

Another great dive was at the passage with hundreds of Black Tips and a dozen of big Lemon sharks, we also spotted a couple Sperm whales and a submarine.  I took a deep dive a knocked on the window of the sub….scared some of the passengers a bit. Anyways, the guest weren’t to keen on swimming with whales and sharks, so I jumped in the water first and showed the guest that it was OK.  It was amazing the euro ladies were the first to enter the water, within time everyone was in water. Truly one of the classic dives of my life….Hey JR, this dive was where you and I had dove in Bora Bora but this dive was of another level.  Robert even rode the Lemon Shark by hanging on to the dorsal fin.

                                                Very graceful animals up close

After diving at more than 6 locations the day is finished with some lunch on a motu/island with a beautiful view of Tahaa the vanilla Island and opposite Bora Bora

                                                           Nice spot for a picnic?

                              “BEST OF BORA BORA” -ROHIVAI TOURS CONTACT


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