Some pictures of of my first few days in Bora Bora

The tourist industry is getting hammered here in Tahiti as you can see from the roof at the Bora Bora Airport, that sits in neglect of repair.  No Money!

I’m back for my 2nd self portrait.

                                                    Bora Bora Airport dock view

                                                        The Vahine of Bora Bora

One thing for sure there is still heaps of money being spent here, Check out this new pad being built by someone from Papeete…5 floors, crane needed for construction the whole 9 yards!…the Bungalows on water are quit nice too.

This is a view from Sam’s Uncles Home/Fare, They have a tour guide of the lagoon along with a Pension on the nicest beach in all the Society Islands.

                Here’s Sam is holding the templates used for making Tahitian Sori.

                                          Sam’s family making the family attire.

                                       Some yummy scallops from a afternoon dive.

                                   These are eaten raw….taste much like Giant Clams.

                                        Sam’s sisters Fare where we’ll be diving today.

                    Sam leaving his sisters home/fare to catch some fish/fillet for dinner.

                                                               View from our dive.

We use the kayak as a bin for the fish as we dive the reef, as the sharks are nasty and are always looking for a free handout.

                                             A shot of our rewards from the days dive.


~ by crr1962 on October 22, 2011.

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