Management Development

Management Development


How does a new management idea take root in a society or culture? How would you promote a new management idea?


Management seems to be solidifying through the evolution of business. For the most part the ideas are similar, but the niches change to make it seem new. Just as long before today new management ideas are not accepted right away and very rarely are an accepted practice once the idea is introduced. These new ideas must be tested, proven, and justified before a society can even think to fathom an idea. One can go through mainstream avenues of business thought or at the scholarly level and try to spread the ideas. In either case it must be an idea one has tried and something that can be proven to work before other managers decide to adopt the idea. In the end one’s ideas effect other’s money.

Most management ideas should be able to be easily translated to almost any industry and to almost any business size. So, what I would do to promote a new management idea is try to implement the idea in a small business setting first and see how it works. This way the mistakes and bugs can be worked out in a smaller scale. Small businesses can usually adjust better to new ideas and go back to how things were if they don’t work, of course considering the magnitude of the idea. Once this has worked I would try it again with two or three more small businesses to test the versatility of the idea. Once this is done then I would start spreading the word in the main stream most importantly the Internet. Publishing papers online, and in mainstream magazines and so forth will begin to get the attention of small business owners. Next I would try the idea with a larger medium size firm or Non-profit organization. Once this worked I would republish and try to find a larger following. When the buzz is good about the new idea is when I would look at very large firms and scholarly level mediums to spread the word. The large firms must benefit greatly and the scholarly readers must see this new idea as profound and must be written in such a way. In both cases much research, justification, and proven methodology must be presented. Because of previous works done by small to medium business and feedback from the mainstream I will have enough research, justification, and proven methodology to present to the top executives and management minds in the world.


Evaluate how you would promote a new management idea.


You need to be very careful in doing this activity. It is tough to inspire people to think differently. It becomes impossible if you are trying to inspire people who are senior developers. One way to do is – lead by example. Find a problem which is known to everyone in your domain or field. If you can solve that problem differently, then speak about it in forums. See whether people are getting excited about it ? That’s the only way you can generate the spark in people. Though I failed even then. There was a good idea in my mind and I shared with folks and asked them to come up with solutions. But people did not spend time on it and finally I had to solve the problem and guide them to implement it. You need to make it easy for everyone in your organization to reach you and to communicate within the origination. You need to be able to have ways for people to front ideas, discuss ideas without needing to go through supervisors etc. Regular polls, contests and awards for fronting for example the months best idea will help the staff to brainstorm here and there. For your employees to be innovative I think they need good forms for communication, and be able to post suggestions to the org. anonymously.

Every month or so you should have a dedicated set of a couple of people to go through every idea and screen them. If you promote prizes and awards for the best ideas I think you will promote an innovative culture in your organization. I also think its a very good idea to actually spend some resources into this. Innovation is extremely important and the better ideas should be given a explanation if they cannot be realized at this time in your org. Many of the ideas that will be presented to you will most likely be good, but not properly thought through and many will fail to see the big picture, which is why its a good idea to explain why this will be very hard and resource demanding to put through.


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