Moorea Islands “Shock and Awe”

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After spending almost 2 weeks on the Island of Moorea, I have to tell you I’ve never in my life seen a more dramatic landscape ever, surfing in front of the most incredible mountain peaks is amazing, they are like pillars in the sky and so massive picture do not do justice. Driving to and from the market was a pleasure as you drive around the island the mountain peaks appear fake. like a fairytale art book, with the rain clouds rolling through them and lush colorful vegetation.  I can’t explain it better than Paul Gauguin.  “This is the land of the gods”. Should I add the beauty of the people, food, diving,  and a long list of other mind blowing discoveries? I’m coming back after the Gambier Islands and than there after, as I’m so pinching myself at the beauty here! Also, there is nothing like going to a place and seeing your son get the best wave of his life followed by another that’s even better, JR’s new name is “FISH”, if his not surfing, diving or fishing he’s sleeping.


~ by crr1962 on August 6, 2010.

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