The Tuamotus “Bruno”

Bruno, is a truly class act ocean man, borned in January 7, 1962 he has 11 brothers sisters. His family first came to Tikehau 65 years ago, most of his family live in the village while he lives at the Tikehau Pass. Bruno is the type that loves to just work his everyday adventures life in the lonely corner of his island atoll.  This guy fishes like no one I’ve ever seen, he’s got one of the most efficient fishing rackets I’ve ever seen.  Everyday at 8 am we drive the boat across the channel, about a mile, and work the fish coral for about 20 minutes, by the end we’d have about 300 pounds of fish on board.  By 10 am he’d cross the lagoon and sell the catch and would be back by 1 pm for lunch. When he fishes for tuna he takes his boat and pulls up side of the schools of tuna and harpoons the tuna. Bruno’s totally fearless of the ocean. Get this, he drove he small boat across to Rangiroa 5 different times in 4-5 hour crossing, Matavita 3 times in 4 hrs which is a major feat, just to try it once would be hectic. This is a gnarly boat crossing for a small boat with no navigational equipment, if you break down your screwed for life, as there is no other boats around and many times no boats for days. To top that he drove it to Tahiti too, he loaded 2 – 55 gallon barrels of gas left at 3am, on a total solo trip. The large ships take 18 hrs to make the crossing and they have navigating instruments, this hell man did it blind, total psyhco!!! Where he live now has been completely demolished by hurricanes 6 times and he’s rode everyone of the hurricanes out by tying his boat up in the middle of the coconut orchards and getting on boards and riding it out in the boat.  All the buildings get completely wiped out and he just starts all over again and rebuilds.  You can see when you walk through the coconut orchards the place just gets slammed with major water forces.


~ by crr1962 on July 31, 2010.

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