Tahitian Pearl Farms

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When you think of pearl jewelry, there’s only one word for a women Tahitian. Few thing can compare to the jewelry that is made from Tahitian Pearls, the princess of jewels. No piece of jewelry can hold a candle to a women’s Tahitian Pearls, just ask! There are few precious object that capture minds and fancies of people all over the world, like pearls. Whether white, pink, green, chocolate or black, pearls are always considered the symbol of class and elegance!

Tahitian pearl farms are considered the popular choice in terms of producing extra ordinary beautiful pearls. Tahitian pearl farming was started way back in the 50’s and 60’s. If you happen to visit a Tahitian pearl farm, chances are that you will get to see the methods of pearl farming. Pearls are derived from the giant blacklipped oyster, Pinctada margaritifera, pearls are a hard substance made up of calcium carbonate.

When purchasing a high quality pearl you need to know there are six factors that really defines the quality of a great pearl, luster, surface, nacre thickness, shape, size and color.

The nacre thickness is a important factor of the quality of Tahitian pearl as it defines how long the beauty of a given pearl will last. Secondly, the luster and thirdly the surface quality of the pearl. The pearls are graded as A, B, C and D. The A grade pearls are the ones of the highest quality and the most costly too. They have a mirror like luster and a clear surface. It doesn’t take much to see the quality differences and unusualness’s in each pearl, but I’m a lover of imperfections in pearls it gives them authenticity, boroc are some of my favorites
The Tahitian pearls are available in different sizes and different colors. When the size increases, the value of the pearl also keeps on increases. Tahitian black pearls are the most popular, other colors are available such as greenish, grey, purplish, yellowish, bluish black, golden black, purplish grey and silver.


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