Marquesan Necklaces

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While on the Island of Nuka Hiva I met a guy on the street by the name of François who is a skipper from France, a surfer who delivers sailboat to and from Tahiti and France.  We got chatting, told him I was interested in getting some wild bore tusk carvings. He connected me with a bone carver by the name of Damas who makes some incredible carvings namley earrings, with the use of bones, Mother of Pearl, wood etc. I was more interested in commissioning items, getting something unique and of rare design which limited me as these item take some time to carve.  Damas was in need of several days and we were out of Nuka Hiva in a short time, so I passed.  I was told that Hiva Oa was the spot anyways , so no big deal. First day I arrived in Hiva Oa I searched down a source, a father and son gig, Kossoko  the son pretty much run the carving while dad hunts the wild bore and hunting he loves.  We showed up, commissioned some items and the old man grabbed his gun and ran off in the jungle to get some supplies.  JR and I were just looked at each other saying “Classic”.  Anyways, after several appointments I got some incredible Marquesas Island Tribal wear, and wear this they do everyday.  Remember this is the land of men. Kossoko turned out to be surfer and is now on team EvolutionSurf, left him with my 6’2 Evofun with mother of pearl fins. One happy carver on Nuka Oa now!


~ by crr1962 on July 29, 2010.

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