Groups of islands sprinkled in the South Pacific, the French Polynesia occupies a surface of earths emerged of the order of 4000 Kilometers (It’s composed of 118 islands in 5 archipelagos ) it is little to the look of the 4 millions of Km2 of its total surperficie.
The population has been estimated to 208000 inhabitants in 1993, 237800 in 1998 and 262000 in 2004.
Approximate distribution of the inhabitants: 12% live in the Islands Under the wind, 75% in Islands-of-the-Wind, 6% in the archipelago of the Tuamotus, 4% in the Islands Marchioness, and 3% in the Southern Islands.
The life expectancy increases and pass 70 years currently. Tahiti and its vicinities account about 150000 inhabitants. The population distributes itself more or less so: 68% of Polynesian (maohis), 12% of European (which essentially French), 5% of Asian, and 15% of “demis” (half-caste Polynesian-Europeans or Polynesian-Asians). Close to 50% of the population has less than 20 years and unemployment goes up since the stop of Mururoa.
The tahitians trains a beautiful welded people and they are reputed for their hospitality, their kindness, and their natural “joie de vivre”.
French and tahitian are the two officials languages, but English is also very fluently used in the hotels and the stores.
Resources of Polynesia: the tourism remains the sector the more carrier (20% of the GDP). The black pearl, produced exclusively in French Polynesia, constitutes the second source of incomes. The fishing all as the industry (whose main activity is the transformation) are two sectors in full flight. Also, the culture of the “nono” (medicinal plant) and its transformation became recently rather activities lucrative.


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