My Son and Traveling Partner Clark W. Riedel “JR”

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JR started the trip thinking, this was going to be a standard travel surf adventure, this was his first misunderstanding. Next mistake was the idea that he’d get by without doing much, and that his Rancho Santa Fe, California life would continue on the road with him.  Well, he’s had to learn a new language, his had to live with no electricity, given only fish to eat for weeks, he’s had to adapt to ocean travel under some very bad weather conditions. He’s had to concur his fears of swimming and surfing with hundreds of sharks, Morey Ells and many other unknowns in a sea of unfamiliarity.  The thought of what might be happening tomorrow and or where he might be tomorrow, has all but gone let alone what and where he might be living next week! There is a long list of changes my son has had to make with this life altering travel experience. Lets just say life of the traveler has taken full form unwillingly! As a father, it’s been an experience to watch and observe an individual so close take on such extreme life changing circumstances.


~ by crr1962 on July 21, 2010.

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