Monoi oil Tahiti

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Monoi oil – The process of making Monoi Oil is pretty simple but timely. First, you need about 70 fresh tiare flowers, which need to be set upside down on a flat board to dry  in the shade – 2 days to dry. Secondly, take 12 dried coconuts, shred the meat out of them using a coconut grader. After you have about 10 cups of coconut shreds, you add the 2 day old tiare flowers. Than let the whole bowl bake in the sun for 2 days, I mean bake, if it doesn’t get hot you’ll need to wait for a few days longer, but when the meat starts breaking down and darkens add a fresh vanilla bean a day later you can separate the oil from the meat using a soiree cloth, ringing it very tightly to remove the oil from the meat. This is how the best Monoi Oil is made, store bought doesn’t hold candle to this quality!!!


~ by crr1962 on July 21, 2010.

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