The Marquesas Islands – Archipel des Marquises

The Marquesas – “The land of men”

Marquesas are a group of  volcanic islands in French Polynesia, these are is one of the most remote island chains in the world. The Marquesas Islands are thought to have been formed by a center of upwelling magma called the  Marquesas hotspot. Marquesas are broken down to six communes or island groups with a population of around 8000. The population was devastated by smallpox with a peak population at one time of 100,000 back in the 16th Century. There are two  main islands -Nuku Hiva the Mystic Island also the largest of the Marquesas islands located in the north. In the south there is the island of Hiva Oa home to the infamous Paul Gauguin.

The Marquesas  Islands are an amazing group of island filled with so much discovery it is truly shocking, with wild horses, pigs, chickens, hogs and a ocean life that is beyond wild.  The terrain of the islands is more like the Rocky Mountains, but with bays, beaches, coconut trees and tropical fruit growing everywhere wild.  The natives live a very simple life of getting by on very little, either collecting food or some type of art they’d sell to tourist. The wilderness is filled with food source so driving by in a car you can collect most of the fruits and vegetables, amazing but true. Artifacts are everywhere you look from giant stone tiki, petroglyphs, ancient dwellings and so many more it would take years to see and understand them all. For your info, if you can 4 wheel drive and are not good on extreme roads, have a soft spot for sheer cliffs than the Marquesas is not for you! You got to want this place as it’s rough!

Here’s a link to The Marquesas Islands


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