July 11 2010 Total Solar Eclipse form Tahiti’s Tuamotu Islands French Polynesia

The Eclipse 2010 in Tahiti was amazing. There were hundreds of Astronomers,  eclipse chasers and avid enthusiast, that had come for all parts of the world just to see this historical event take place, and what a treat it was to view such entertainment in French Polynesia. The Tuamotus were the premier viewing spot for this total eclipse event, where the only solar light came from the glowing corona surrounding the black shadow. This is a very rare phenomenon and lasted for only 4 minutes. We had perfect skies with no clouds and the experience is one that will be with my son and I forever, it was truly remarkable.

Here a picture I took moments before the full eclipse. It was truly a strange experience as the sunlight was dim and the winds were calm and the temperature was much cooler than usual.


~ by crr1962 on July 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “July 11 2010 Total Solar Eclipse form Tahiti’s Tuamotu Islands French Polynesia”

  1. How magical to be able to feel the power in such a great environment…just like the ancient Polynesians. We have not seen the sun here for abour 6 weeks!It FINALLY came out today!

    • Truly amazing indeed. Sorry about your Sun, I’ll speak with the Gods in Polynesia and see about lending you some, as we have much to spare!

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