Tikehau Island

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We arrive in Tikehau the following day and are greeted by the owner, Caroline,  of the Tikehau Village pension. Tikehau Village pension is a small pension with 8 fare/huts on the beach on the south portion of the island in the town of Toadao, immediately we know we are in a special place in the world. Tikehau is a small atoll presently being made popular by the Tahitian tourism industry to honeymooners around the world, good choice as there is no one here and they can get use to each other. The main road is traveled by few car and mainly motorcycles and bicycles.  Having arrived around 5pm left us sometime to unpack and get ready for dinner, and what a dinner it was.  Turns out that the Tikiehau Pension is home to a outstanding chief from the central part of France and this guy knows how to cook.  His sauces are amazing and his use of the fish and other resources from the island …namely tuna and coconut, are beyond any dishes I‘ve ever experienced.  We are truly in a luxuries paradise in the south pacific. After spending some time in what Tikehau calls civilization it is time to depart to a small island in the western section of the Tikehau Atoll, now its time to settle down and take some needed R & R to experience the ocean world of the Tuamotus Islands. We’ve made our stay at the home of a third generation fisherman of the island, there was only 2 people on our Island that was our new home.  Our daily activities were fishing, diving, beach walks and of course surfing.  The fishing was beyond belief and the diving with Hundreds of Sharks and Giant Manta Rays was breathtaking. The beach walk are like walking in a shell shop and and the tide pools like Sea World back home. The sunrises and sunsets were surreal. We are clearly in gods hands, life has never felt so alive are accommodation are minimal, no electricity except for 2 hours a day when the generator is running.  We live in a small home with a bed and a kitchen. our meals consist of fish, fish and more fish. You can not be more minimal and experience so much extreme part of our planet, truly one of the greatest encounters of a lifetime.


~ by crr1962 on July 10, 2010.

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