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We arrive to the dock, where the SAINT-XAVIER MARIS-STELLA III was ready to depart within minutes of their arrival, but not after making a fuss about our gear  not being on board,  we were made aware that we were suppose to have our gear loaded yesterday! With a quick turn of the key the crane lowers a basket,  from the ship down to the dock, and we load our 3 boards bags and 7 other pieces of luggage and we are all on board on our new home in route to the Tuamotus. As we depart the port of Papeete the sunrises from the ocean with Tahiti to the right and Moorea behind us, truly a gorgeous setting, and a great way to start what I’m sure to be one of countless sunrises in paradise.  You can see the results of the volcanic origin of these beautiful islands with their A framed peaks mountains and the turquoise lagoons. The highest peak in Tahiti Mount Orohena and it’s neighboring peak Mount Aorai were engulfed in clouds. Before long we loose site of all land and we re surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean.  This is what I’m in need of, a total escape from the outside world, the surf splashing off the hull of Maris Stella, the deep blue sea is so rich it’s indescribable. The clouds in the sky are moving by at what seems to be a hundred miles an hour. Hello to this world, engulf my being!


~ by crr1962 on July 10, 2010.

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