Rangiroa Island

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Rangiroa is the largest atoll of the Tuamoto Islands and one of the largest atolls in the world. It has over 415 motus (small islets made of broken coral reefs and surrounded by sand) on the perimeter of the atoll. The lagoon is enormous and with each tide there are amazing fish that come in and out. Sometimes the current can run 15 knots. Sharks, dolphins, manta rays and turtles are throughout the lagoon and is  a great destination for divers. There is not much else to do besides dive! The lagoon is so wide that it has it’s own horizon and because of the large surface, and although the depth is only 114 feet, occasionally, the wind can make storms on the surface. Words are inadequate to describe Rangiroa’s  incredible blue beyond bluest water that will surely take your breath away.


~ by crr1962 on July 10, 2010.

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