Essences Oils and Sprays Created for Health & Beauty Care

I’ve created some unique skincare beauty oils so far on the trip, I’ve named these oils according to their uses and why they were created.  These are all organic oil products.

Tahitian Rose Oil – Created for message use and spiritual up lifting purposes and is a blend of Sweet Almond oil, Rose oil and Neroli oil.

Kama Sutra Oil – Also created for message use and intimidate up lifting purposes this is a blend of Jojoba oil, Sandalwood oil and Neroli oil

Eros Oil – This is a intimate blend created for couples with the use of Jojoba oil, Sandalwood oil.

Tahitian Goddess Oil – Created for a beautiful Tahitian Goddess I know, this is a blend of Camellia Oil, Myrtle oil and a touch of Tiare essences.

Tahitian Passion Spray – When your out on the beach it’s great to have a hydrate the skin and this seemed to do the trick. It’s a blend of Spring or Rain water, Grape seed extract , Geranium oil,  Passion Fruit oil and Tuberose oil.

Tiare Rose Blossom – A beautiful spray for the Tahitian Goddess, similar to the spray above just a different version the use of Spring and or Rain Water, Grape seed extract, Tiare oil and Rose Oil.

Harmony Message Oil – A great message oil  made of Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Oil and Sandalwood.

Tahitian Sun Goddess oil – Probably one of the most used so far on the rip, made for skin care after sun.  This is a great skin tan enhancer and pro longer, the use of Jojoba Oil, Lavender oil, Coconut and Taire oil.

Tahitian Breast Enhancing Oil – Said increase the sizes of a women bret if messaged in regualry this oil is made of Camellia Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil and Geranium Oil.

Tahitian Styling Oil – Below I created 2 different oils for the protection for the hair from sun damage.  A real must for as the sun is extreme in the South Pacific!!!

#1– Africa Shea Oil, Geranium oil, Sweet Orange oil

#2– Argan Oil , Cypress Oil

Tahitian Citrus Blossom – This is a hydrating spray made of Spring and or Rain Water, Grape seed extract, sweet orange oil and lemon oil.


~ by crr1962 on July 7, 2010.

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