Paradise in the Tuamotu Islands

Tuamotu Islands are almost too good to be true. Time has eroded this chain of sinking volcanoes atoll, motu into massive rings of land, only 4 feet above high tide line, in the South Pacific.  The white and pink sand beaches that engulf this paradise sends  the mind in amazement!  The lagoons are as blue as any you’ll find on the planet, with an abundance of fish and the surfing is mind-boggling. Make note – these island chains are load with sharks, it’s actually really cool to go swimming with the sharks.

Fewer than 100 islanders on most of the atolls, who live in a small villages, which leaves the majority of these islands untouched. The livelihoods of these islanders is copra and fishing.

French Polynesia’s remote Tuamotu Islands are home to the famous black pearl farms. There’s as many as 78 islands in Tuamotu Island chain, making them the largest of the Tahiti-Polynesian archipelagos. Tuamotu Island chain are in fact atolls– their sum total comprising the world’s largest chain of atolls. Covering huge distances throughout the South Pacific, the total population of the 41 inhabited islands is roughly 12,000.Tuamotu Islands are not a common destination for travelers due to their remoteness and lack of a developed tourism industry.


~ by crr1962 on July 2, 2010.

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