The Coconut “Cocos Nucifera”

The South Pacific is dominated by the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). All of us are familiar with the typical “Robinson Crusoe-style” desert island – a mound of golden sand with a solitary palm tree growing on it, and in fact, this is not just a picture book scenario, coconut palms really do grow on islands like that -the coconuts tolerance to the salt environment and poor sandy soil is incredible. Coconuts can float for thousands of miles until they are cast up onto a sandy shore. After lying quiescent for a while, in the heat of the tropical sunshine, the coconut eventually sprouts into life. The coconut is a member of the palm family of Arecaceae palms and grown throughout the tropics of the world and every part of the palm is utilized by humans, which is way it gets the name “Tree of Life” in this part of the world. The fiber is used for rope, mats etc. the meat in the seed known as copra is a source of food and used in cosmetics. The husk and shell are used as charcoal fuel, flooring for homes, native clothing and when burned to repel insects. The roots are used as dye and also in medicine as a mouthwash. The Truck is used for a wide range of purposes namely flooring and furniture. The leaves are used for roofing, baskets, flooring just to name a few!


~ by crr1962 on June 26, 2010.

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