The Voyage Begins

The Departure from LAX was a task in itself, our massive baggage load was surely going to get us some over charge fees and with12 surfboards and a total of 10 check in items we were unhappily greeted by the baggage clerk with a $2100usd luggage fee. This is what you get as when you are headed to a world that has very little in the way of surfboards and supplies  and other items that we will be needing to make this voyage a five star travel affaire.  We attempt to bargain with the Tahiti Nui clerks, but realize the employees were just on strike a few days ago putting the airline at a stand still  and they weren’t on strike for anything but more money. We managed to get the clerk to give s a break and reduce the fee down to $1800usd. We boarded the plane with minimal security hassles and departed LAX on time, to our surprise the plane was half empty and JR and I find some empty middle row sits to lay down and catch on some needed sleep, as we’ve been pushing hard for months to get everything in order to make it out of the United States on schedule.


~ by crr1962 on June 22, 2010.

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