Travel Camera Gear

Traveling with the follow Camera Gear

Nikon F5 Nikkok 35-70mm f/2.8

Canon Film  EOS A2 LENS 28 -200MM 0.45m/1.5ft

Canon Digital EOD 5D lens Sigma DG 28-300 1:3.5 – 6.3


Film Fuji Provia 400F color

Film Kodak Professional P3200 Tmax Black and white

Digital Professional  4GB Flashcards


Sony Mini DV 3CCD 12x DVCAM

This is my visual documenting devises for the trip.  I’m very partial to using film, as oppose to digital, as digital does to capture the rich blues in the sky and waters of the South Pacific.  Call me old school, but I’ve tried to describe the richness in the South Pacific in my many travels and digital just doesn’t seem to have the depth that you can get from great quality film!

I love my Nikon F5 which I’ve owned for a decade plus years, although I still only use 10% of its capabilities, the 35-70 lens seems to cover the quick picture of travel, I don’t have time to bother with the changing of lens, so this lens has done the trick.  Very reliable set up!

What can I say about my Canon EOS A2 film camera? She’s a beater and keeps on ticking!  She been around the world and had little if any servicing for minor repairs only. Can’t seem to sell her for the life of me!! The 28-200 lens is great for when you can only carry one lens and one camera!

The Canon Digital D5 has been my “tester camera”, I use it to make sure I’ve got the shot and also for quick uploads to the internet. This camera has had some maintenance due to manufacturing issues,  the repairs have been covered under warrantee  but it’s not the most reliable!

As far as film I love to shoot black and white, the Kodak Professional P3200 Tmax seems to do trick.  Can’t get enough of the Fuji Provia its awesome stuff really captures the richness of the blue waters!  My flashcards are all professional, I figure if your going to get the best of digital you better start with the best quality cards.

My video camera is a Sony Mini DV 3CCD 12x DVCAM this is a great high quality compact camera,  get the best movie quality without lugging around too much wait!!


~ by crr1962 on June 5, 2010.

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