RAAU TAHITI “Traditional Tahitian Herbal Medicine”

Traditional Tahitian medicine, “RAAU” Tahitian for medicinal plant, has used many tropical plants, trees, fruits, nuts and herbs as natural remedies. Plants are always used while fresh, as Tahitian don’t have a herbalist.  I will be covering in depth, the formulations and ingredients, this in depth throughout my travels. What is clear is, each family has formulation that differs from another family but the ingredients are similar, the processes of formulation is what makes the uniqueness to the recipe.

A physician is called TAHUA RAAU the use of message is of very essential importance in curing the patient. Much of the traditional practice has been demolished since the imposition of Christianity. As one can imagine much of the traditional RAAU has been mostly forgotten, except for very few elders,  since the arrival of the Europeans.


~ by crr1962 on June 4, 2010.

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