The Voyage Announced

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Clark Riedel announces his voyage to the South Pacific , which begins June 2010 in French Polynesia sailing through the Tuamotu, Marquesas, Gambier and Society Islands, where he will be doing his thesis for his Dermatology degree on natural healing sunscreen and skincare elements. This journey  plans to travel through the many coral atolls of the Tuamotu Islands known for their precious black Tahitian pearl farmers then it’s off to the Marquesas Islands made famous by artist like Belgian singer Jacques Brel and painter Paul Gauguin. From there it’s off to the volcanic islands of the Gambier and the final leg will be the “Leeward Islands” of Tahiti namely Huahine , Bora Bora , Raiatea /Tahaa and Maupiti.

A journal will be kept documenting these travels along with photographs and film covering all aspects of discovery.  Clark Riedel will be connected to the internet as he will be finishing his masters degree at Northcentral University in Prescott Valley, Arizona.


~ by crr1962 on May 27, 2010.

One Response to “The Voyage Announced”

  1. Sounds like a incredible trip of adventure and discovery. Student of the world!

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